Our Photos
Some of our favorite moments captured
Love you Dad
Cody was always ready, here he is ready while others sleep through it.
Cody earned his Junior Hunter
Swamp Collies Rule!
Friends, fans and training partners. 
Mike and Cindy Mildbrand watching Jimmy Choo.


Cody had to play in the water - it was hot
Cody always knew when the camera was on him-he loved it.
04 National, Cody taking pictures for winning his class
I can fly!  A true athlete with drive
Cody's fan club:  Ray, Trudy (my Mom and Dad), Warren and me.
Parade of Title Holders 07 National.  Cody completed his VCD2 by earning his TD that day.  What a great venue to complete it.  Cody was the ONLY AKC Golden Champion of record to earn a VCD2 in 07.  I am a proud Mom. 
Aunt Dotti came to watch and support her Navigator.  Cody double Q'd at the 07 National from Excellent B, 1/10 of a second off high combined.
You are always next to me, Code Man
Jimmy Choo with Laurie Jordan-Fenner
Jimmy Choo, land is over, now it is time for the water



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